The Company's Beginning

Pictured above is an early packaging design.

Pictured above is an early packaging design.

Genesis Foods is a small company based in London and was founded in January 2016 by co-founders Joe Barrow and Emily Mahon. We started off selling Europe's only keto-friendly meal replacement but soon expanded our range to include a high-quality complete meal replacement with optimal nutrition, a low GI, and no maltodextrin!  

Joe has had an interest in complete meal replacement since 2012 and began looking into making his own recipe from October 2015, being active on the soylent subreddit as IcyElemental since January 2016. After discussing this with Emily and a few friends, he decided to look into selling his creation with Emily helping in branding and design. We began selling in July 2016, and the website went live from September 2016.

The name KetoGenesis was chosen due to the biochemical process that occurs when on a keto-friendly diet and GlycoGenesis was named based on a similar process when consuming carbohydrates. The company's original name - Genesis Food Solutions - was chosen as the food we were selling was not only a quick solution to hunger, but became a chemical solution with water. After a while, this changed to the more catchy Genesis Foods. Our tag line of "The Optimal Food Solution" was inspired by our original name's wordplay, because who doesn't love a terrible pun!




Our Ethics


Here at Genesis Foods, we pride ourselves on putting people before profits. We work hard to respond quickly to customer messages and provide a simple purchasing experience. Our products are high quality and at a competitive price, featuring micronutrients in the best possible amounts and forms, and excellent flavours and textures. We have more flavours than any of our competitors as we realise that a liquid only diet can become a little tedious, and more flavours can help combat that.

We also offer discounts to a wide range of groups. These are often for emergency service workers, those in the Armed Forces, and even those who are full time carers. People in these professions are the backbone to any functioning society and we offer our discounts to them to show our appreciation for the work they do. We offer a discount code that has unlimited uses and lasts until January of the next year. If you're still in that line of work when the code expires, we'll give you a new discount code that will last another year. Check our discounts page to see if you're eligible.

We also offer discounts to those who may have less money or may be more in need of optimal nutrition. If you receive any form of state welfare for being unemployed or temporarily unable to work, we will provide you with a similar code to those mentioned above. If you are a pensioner or are receiving welfare for a life-long disability, we offer a life-long discount code with unlimited personal uses so you don't have to worry about the hassle of reapplying for a new code. If you are unsure if you are eligible for a code or don't know if your code expires, contact us and we'll be more than happy to help.




The Environment And Us


As a fairly new company, we realised we can help be a part of global change. We try to be as environmentally conscious as we can while also minimising any price increases so our products can stay at a low price. All office paper is sustainably sourced with only necessary documents being printed, and customer invoices only being included upon request. All the boxes we use are sustainably sourced, the tape we use to seal packages is envirotape, designed to be more condensed to save shipping space; and we pack all of our boxes to minimise unused space to lower the carbon footprint of our shipments, as well as to prevent the use of void fillers like bubble wrap. We use Parcelforce as a courier, who are working tirelessly to improve their impact on the environment. Read more about their environmental policy here.

As a fairly new company these steps were fairly easy to introduce, and as we grow we plan on minimising our carbon footprint the whole time.  We are glad to see that other companies are starting to do the same; many governments, including the British parliament are starting to ban single-use plastic. Hopefully, if these steps continue, the need for landfills will slowly become obsolete.