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The optimal food solution.

New Limited eDITION fLAVOUR fOR summer!


Europe's first and Only Ketogenic Meal Replacement

We sell a total of 48 products including keto and non-keto options with vegan and hypoallergenic variants. There's sure to be something for everyone!

Why Meal Replacements?

Meal replacements are great for a range of reasons: be it a quick snack, optimal nutrition, helping with a diet, or even to save money. Why not find out why people all around the world use meal replacements, and try one of our sample packs?


Our Ingredients:



Oats are a great source of slow-release carbohydrates. They're low in sugar which prevents energy spikes and help to keep you fuller longer.

Used in: GlycoGenesis Standard, Premium, Vegan.



Flaxseeds are great for Omega 3 and fibre. They're free of trans fats and are high in lignans, which have been shown to have antioxidant properties.

Used In: GlycoGenesis Standard, Premium, Vegan



Coconut oil contains MCTs, which releases a steady stream of energy into your body, and also help to minimise blood sugar spikes.

Used in: GlycoGenesis Standard, Premium, Vegan



Soy protein is the most digestible vegan source of all essential amino acids. It is also naturally high in B vitamins, vitamin E, zinc and iron.

Used In: KetoGenesis Vegan, & GlycoGenesis Vegan.


Whey (from milk)

Whey is the most digestible protein source that contains all the essential amino acids. It mixes well and adds a subtle creaminess to our shakes.

Used In: KetoGenesis Standard, Premium & GlycoGenesis Standard, Premium


Brown Rice

Brown rice is a vegan source of protein that is also hypoallergenic, and contains all essential amino acids in the amounts we use.

Used In: KetoGenesis Hypoallergenic


Product Of The Week:


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Going Above and beyond

Your health doesn't stop improving past 100% RDAs, so why should we cap our nutrition? We include the optimal amounts of each vitamin and mineral to not only prevent deficiencies, but to make sure you are at your best.


KetoGenesis & GlycoGenesis: What's the difference?

Our two main products are designed for very different diets. Unsure what would be best for you? Here's a quick guide.



  • Quick to prepare - Just add water

  • Contains less than 5g of sugar per meal

  • Contains slow release carbohydrates

  • Nutritionally complete

GlycoGenesis is suited to those after a more no-hassle approach to meal replacements, where a shake can be prepared in a minute.



  • Customisable calorific intake

  • Contains less than 5g of carbs per meal

  • Assists in weight loss

  • Nutritionally complete - just add fats

KetoGenesis is more suited for those wishing to avoid carbohydrates, or want customised calorie intakes without sacrificing nutrition.