Returns Policy

Returning or cancelling an item is simple. To start the process, contact us. Here's some more information on what will happen next.



If you've made a mistake in your information or have had a change of heart, then contact us as soon as you can; as long as your order hasn't been shipped we will change your details or cancel the order at no cost or inconvenience to you. If your order has been marked as shipped, then you will have to return the item when it arrives.

There are often no cancellation fees unless we have to recall the package mid-shipment or we incur a charge during the process. We recommend that if you miss the cancellation window, wait for the order to arrive and send it back to us using a tracked service. Once we have the package back, you will receive a refund minus any fees we occur through the returns process.



Returns are simple. If the return is due to an error we have made, we are responsible for the return costs. If you wish to return a product because it is unwanted or you have made an error, you are responsible for return costs. 

If the product/s are unopened, we will happily accept a return within 3 months of the purchase date. Any money refunded does not include postage costs, unless there has been an issue with the courier.

There is no need to return the item if it is defective and we have confirmed there is no need to send it back; however we may ask for the defective pack to be sent back to us at our expense so we can investigate the problem.

If you believe your product is defective, you may have to pay for postage to us so we can test the product. If a problem is found, your postage cost will be refunded and a new bag shipped to you or your order refunded. Unfortunately we cannot offer any refund if no fault has been found in the product.

If you have received the wrong item or are missing an item, then please let us know. This is very rare but not impossible in a busy environment. Once we receive the order back we will either refund you, or reship out the correct product at no extra cost to you.

If a product is damaged, we will either refund you or reship the product out to you as long as it is reported as soon as it's received, ideally with photos attached. This is because our courier has a strict policy of only reimbursing for damaged goods if it's reported within 24 hours of delivery to prevent fake claims. Any orders that do not give us reasonable time to open a claim within the 24 hour reporting period may not be able to be reimbursed.


Not Received an Order

If you have not received your order we advise you to use the tracking information provided, and contact the courier when necessary. If the issue can’t be resolved through the courier, contact us so we can have your order reshipped out to you at no extra cost.

Failed/Refused Deliverys

Many people are often busy when deliveries are scheduled, so failed deliveries are not uncommon. You are required to provide a valid mobile number upon purchase, so we hope any failed delivery can be resolved between you and the courier and it doesn't have to be sent back to us.

If an order has been sent back to us, we will investigate why. Returned packages are often because: 

  • The courier couldn't find your address

  • The address was entered incorrectly

  • There have been too many missed deliveries

  • You have missed the collection window at your local depot

If the courier couldn't contact you and the package has been sent back, we will email you to let you know. We will ask to confirm your delivery and contact details are correct so we can start the inquiry.

If the issue has occurred because of a courier error then we will either refund you or reship the product out to you, often with a delivery address that is different or contains extra information to aid with shipping.

If your details have been entered incorrectly, or the collection window and/or the delivery attempts have been missed too many times; we will either refund your order (minus fees incurred) or ask for you to pay an unsubsidised shipping cost to have the product resent. Our normal shipping prices are subsidised so that they seem less severe - however if we have to reship out a product due to an error on your part we cannot afford to once again subsidise postage, especially in countries like the UK where postage is free for orders weighing under 31.5kg.

If you have refused delivery and your order is on it’s way back to us, any fees needing to be paid to receive this package back will be taken out of your refund unless we have explicitly said otherwise. Please let us know if you have refused a delivery and why so we know to expect your package back. You will receive your refund once we have your package back at our warehouse and return fees have been invoiced.

If we see that you haven’t exhaused methods to have the package delivered to you (either didn’t rearrange delivery, didn’t attempt to collect the package, or didn’t provide complete information) we reserve the right to charge back any return fees we incur.

Please try to contact the courier yourself before emailing us with any delivery problems. This will almost always be quicker than contacting us and there is little that we can do on our end that can’t be achieved with emails to the courier from you. Your problem will likely be fixed a lot faster as a result of contacting them first.

We will consider refusing the sale of any products to a person who has consistently had failed deliveries due to their own error.


Beta Testing

As we do not charge for samples to beta testers, we are under no obligation to reship any samples that are unreceived or damaged. If we have enough left over product, we may choose to resend out that sample to you. To prevent abuse of free samples, each person will be limited to one lost package/reshipment in their time as a beta tester.



We do not take any responsibility over errors a customer has made, such as ordering the wrong product, not reading product descriptions, or inputting information incorrectly/incomletely. If you have made such an error, then any cost of return is your responsibility as long as the order in question is eligible for return.

If you are requesting to return a product after the 3 month purchase window has passed, we may be able to facilitate the return based on the product's best before date and version number. We are not liable for any shipping costs on returns that miss this 3 month return window, they will have to be paid by you. Once the package has been received, we will refund you.

If a damaged product isn't reported within a reasonable time frame for us to open a claim with our courier, then we have no obligation to refund you or send out a replacement product.

We highly recommend that you use a tracked service for returning packages. If your package is lost and not tracked, you will not receive any reimbursement. If your return package gets lost on it's way to us and is tracked, we insist that you contact the courier to be compensated as we do not reimburse orders that we have not received back, unless we have stated otherwise.



Our Returns Policy does not affect your statutory rights.

For more information about your other statutory rights, please visit the UK Government's website at: or contact Consumer Direct, the Government funded consumer advice service on +44 (0) 8454 04 05 06.

last updated 15/04/19